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Bologna University Greek and Latin Summer School (25th June – 13th July 2012)

The Department of Classics and Italian studies of Bologna University welcomes applications to its intensive Greek and Latin Summer School (http://www.ficlit.unibo.it/dipartimento/summer-school).

Registration is now open.

The school offers courses in Greek and Latin language (at different levels: beginners and intermediate) and the possibility of combining two courses (Latin & Greek) at a special rate.
The courses will be held in Bologna from 25th June to 13th July 2012 and are open to students (undergraduate and post-graduate) and non-students alike. Participants must be aged 18 or over.

The teaching will be focused mainly on Greek and/or Latin language with additional classes on Classical literature; further classes will touch on moments of classical history and history of art, supplemented by visits to museums and archaeological sites (in Bologna and Rome).

All teaching and…

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