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Дискусии (Topics for Discussion), The relevance of the humanities

More on the topic of what we do and why it is relevant (with reference to the Classics and Latin in particular)

Dear All,

I continue with the topic I picked up two posts ago, namely the relevance of the humanities. This week I list two posts that caught my eye.

The first I learned about through Rogueclassicism. It pertains to an article by Meghan DeMaria in USA Today entitled Viewpoint: Majoring in the classics gives students an edge. The second is a piece in The Telegraph written by Harry Mount in which he discusses the abolishment of the use of Latin in botany when naming new plants, fungi, or algae, a decision which was taken at the International Botanical Congress in 2011. In Mount’s words, Latin isn’t dead. For those who need further convincing, I let J. K. Rowling and Peter Needham do the talking.





2 thoughts on “More on the topic of what we do and why it is relevant (with reference to the Classics and Latin in particular)

  1. Part of the a major discussion on the usefulness and uselessness of nowadays education (started by the tweet Ich bin fast 18 und hab keine Ahnung von Steuern, Miete oder Versicherungen. Aber ich kann ‘ne Gedichtsanalyse schreiben. In 4 Sprachen. by @nainablabla) is an interesting article in the Zeit (N° 4/2015) entitled: Schöneheit muss man lernen (roughly translated: One must learn beauty). Some of the ideas the author borrowed from an essay by Nuccio Ordine, L’utilità dell’inutile: Manifesto (which in turn is translated in German, French, and Spanish, but apparently not in English). It is on my reading list. Check it out yourself, looks like a worthy reading.

    Posted by Ivana | January 23, 2015, 12:44
  2. Thank you, Ivana! For those interested, here is an annotation capturing the main pathos of Ordine’s essay: http://www.bompiani.eu/libri/lutilita-dellinutile/

    Posted by Divna Manolova | January 23, 2015, 14:54

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