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Reblogged: How to Get a(n academic) Job: Applications

Josephine Crawley Quinn

UPDATE: I’ve posted a Storify with comments and further thoughts on this topic at https://storify.com/josephinequinn/how-to-get-a-n-academic-job-applications – please continue to share your thoughts in the comments section here or on twitter, and I’ll continue to update it.

This is a post for graduate students and early career academics in the process of applying for jobs. What I want to do here is pass on useful things people have told me along the way, focussing particularly on areas of potential cultural misunderstanding when making early career applications to unfamiliar institutions or countries, and link to some good recent advice I’ve seen elsewhere. I’m writing in the first instance for my own students and friends, for the most part people with or close to doctorates in classics and/or archaeology, but much of what follows is fairly generic with regard to jobs in the humanities in Anglophone countries. These suggestions are of course my own very…

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