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Where to?


Today is a days of first and lasts. I have just completed my fellowship at the Institute for Research in the Humanities at the University of Bucharest and, after a year and a half of being really happy in Bucharest, I moved back to my home — Sofia, Bulgaria. 

While I always came back for winter, spring, and summer vacations, it has been 11 years since I left Bulgaria to live abroad, and on my own, for the very first time.

Coming back is definitely a special feeling. It put me in the mood of reevaluating what I have done and into making new plans and starting new things. One thing I would like to reconsider, revamp and boost is this blog. I created it when I was TA-ing at Sofia University in 2010/11. It served me brilliantly in my work with the students and in getting them fired up for learning more and more about the Middle Ages. After the course was over, I was too busy finishing up my dissertation and I did not stop to think: Where to now? Where is this blog headed? What am I trying to achieve?

Honestly, I do not know yet. What I know, however, is that I will try to figure it out, as I do not want to see it withering away. The first of many steps is to start using my own voice here and to reflect on what I would like to write about from now on. This (re-)introductory post is the start.




2 thoughts on “Where to?

  1. Good luck Divna! its always tuff to start anew, but I’m sure your inner motor will start working and lead you to giid places. sending you good energies, Shay

    Posted by Shay Eshel | February 19, 2016, 09:17

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