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7artesliberales hits Pause

Dear Reader, I created this webpage and related blog ten years ago. I have not updated them for the last three. In 2010, I was invited by Prof. Oleg Georgiev (Sofia University, Department of Philosophy) to teach the seminars associated with his module The Liberal Arts and the Middle Ages. I was given the freedom … Continue reading

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“That is why I like to write for the newspapers, to reread myself the next day, and to read the reactions of others. A difficult game, because it does not always consist of being reassured when you meet with agreement and having doubts when you are faced with dissent. Sometimes you have to follow the opposite course: Distrust agreement and find in dissent the confirmation of your own intuitions. There is no rule; there is only the risk of contradiction. But sometimes you have to speak because you feel the moral obligation to say something, not because you have the “scientific” certainty that you are saying it in an unassailable way.”

Umberto Eco, Preface to the English translation of his Travels in Hyperreality, published by Picador in 1986.


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