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Programme announced: Preserving, Commenting, Adapting: Commentaries on Ancient Texts in Twelfth-Century Byzantium

Dear All, The final program for our international workshop Preserving, Commenting, Adapting: Commentaries on Ancient Texts in Twelfth-Century Byzantium is now ready! The workshop will take place at the University of Silesia in Katowice on 20-22 October 2017. Our first keynote speaker Panagiotis Agapitos (University of Cyprus) will open the event with his lecture on Scholia, Schede, Paraphrases, Integrated Gnomologia, Overflowing … Continue reading

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If a society is healthy it thinks about itself. We know that the future and what it may hold are, in the nature of things, uncertain, but we also know that present and future are open to human intervention, and certainly open to discussion. With awareness of what is and what has been, a culture can influence its own future, or at least answer questions it will face with some element of self-knowledge.

Maurice Earls and Enda O’Doherty, Space to Think: Ten Years of the Dublin Review of Books



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